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I started Dinner at Home in 2005 after a business career that required a lot of traveling. When I would return to San Diego after being gone for days at a time, friends would want to go out to eat. I would often reply, “Can we please just have dinner at home. I’ll cook for you”. The idea for a personal chef service providing home-cooked meals for people and families just like me took shape. A personal service for those who can’t cook because they don’t have time or don’t know how. I’ve always enjoyed cooking for family and friends and I grew up in a home where dinner was a family event. Having dinner prepared for you in your own home is truly a home-cooked meal.

As a personal chef, I visit a lot of different homes for my weekly dinner service. There are big and small, grand and modest kitchens; but mostly a lot of ineffective kitchens with a lack of the basic equipment that is needed to make even the simplest meals. My experience in homes has given me a unique ability to rearrange and outfit kitchens to optimize working spaces for easy cooking or reheating. So, whether I cook for you or not I can help you eat at home more often and enjoy healthy meals with those you love.

My experience with high-end rental properties and their owners has made me recognize the need for a home steward service. My clients who rent out their primary or 2nd home during the track and summer season require my service to provide everything necessary for an easy return home. They also use this service before seasonal VIP guests arrive.

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